Hi! We’re Good & Nice.

In a band? Do you feel like you need a manager, but know you don’t really need a manager? Overwhelmed by all the non-music, non-fun, administrative crap you have to do to keep your band afloat? Good & Nice can help you.


We’re in bands and we’re friends with bands and we know that people aren’t in bands because they want to stare at spreadsheets. We know that you don’t want to send off your hard work to radio stations and then worry if you submitted everything correctly. We know that you don’t want to bust your ass to promote a show, only to find out that the club doesn’t have a PA or that the other bands didn’t pull their weight. We know that staying organized can be difficult and isn’t the fun part of being in a band. We want to help with all of that.

Our mission is to provide high-value, low-cost consultation, promotional work, & management services to independent musicians and bands by carefully targeting our efforts. Does your project involve original rock music? Then you probably don’t want your album sent to a radio station that specializes in pipe organ music. We care deeply about ensuring that you aren’t wasting your money and we aren’t wasting our time. We put our efforts where they make sense for your project.

So get in touch! Let’s see what we can do.